The evokeAG. team has done a round-up of some of the podcasts that we like to listen to across agrifood tech and innovation. Let us know what you are listening to at 

We have many podcasts join us live from the event with great hosts such as Sarah Nolet, Fleur Anderson, Skye Manson and Andy Lowe. 

Listening to the great stories coming out of on-farm agtech adoption, the journeys of both local and international startups and the trends impacting the food supplu-chain. 

Stay up to date with both Australian and international hosts each week. 

evokeAG. 2020 Podcast Studio

Our podcast (obviously)

 evokeAG. is an agrifood tech community. Each week our host, Steve Honner, connects with people who are creating impact across three main themes – Food, Farm, Future –  exploring what’s next in the agrifood tech space. Featuring global leaders, industry experts with the latest in innovation, startups and investments that are impacting farm-gate output and the food-supply chain.

We also join hosts Fleur Anderson and Skye Manson for The Best of  evokeAG.  which features interviews with speakers and delegates from the  evokeAG. event. 

Agtech ... so what?

Stories of innovators working at the intersection of agriculture and technology.

Investment in agriculture technology and momentum for agtech entrepreneurship is taking off. But this is not new: farmers have been adopting technologies that add value for decades. So is it just hype? What does all the momentum for agtech- from accelerators to venture capital funds to sexy technologies like drones and robots- actually mean for farmers and the agriculture industry?

Food Futurists with Andy Lowe

Ensuring we have access to healthy and tasty food for the future means lots of people are working hard across food industry supply chains on a global scale. Agtech, food origins, alternative proteins, native foods, food waste, personal food choices, and more are up for discussion.

Prof Andy Lowe examines the solutions being put in place today to put tomorrow’s meal on your table.

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