Maintaining momentum

June 15, 2020

Written by John Harvey

As we begin to feel optimistic about entering a post-COVID-19 environment locally, we are looking at the impact that the last three-months has had on the way we do business. How we connect with people. How we maintain momentum. How we continue to drive innovation. And why it is more important than ever to remain globally connected.

We have seen so many people and businesses across the agrifood tech landscape adapt and use digital tools to remain connected; countless webinars have expedited conversations we may have waited months to hear, field-days have gone virtual so innovators can keep connecting with farmers and we have had unprecedented access to global leaders in agrifood tech; albeit digitally.

At evokeAG., we are focused on delivering the same world-class content, providing a platform to showcase local and international startups, connect our farmers with solutions and bring a spotlight to the wonderful things happening in our region to a global audience. It’s tremendously exciting to showcase, through the evokeAG. network, how all parts of the ecosystem are coming together to share their ideas and innovations for the future of our agricultural industry.

Since 2019, evokeAG. has built a rapidly growing community that is hungry to hear from global leaders in agrifood tech and innovation, collaborate with others and build global pathways.

We have always said evokeAG. is more than a physical event. It is a movement towards prosperity and it is a network that represents an optimistic and enthusiastic community of like-minded people across the agrifood tech innovation system, globally.

The diversity of the agricultural climate in Australia and the innovations being pioneered to grow the sector is rapidly capturing the attention of international investors and innovators. Likewise, our agrifood tech startups, farmers, researchers, corporates and governments are eager to dive into this innovative world and capitalise on the opportunities which will see our future agricultural systems more productive, resilient and sustainable.

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