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Welcome to the evokeAG. Network

The evokeAG. Network connects the agrifood tech community across the region and around the world.

It is farmers sharing their experiences, startups pitching their potential, scientists showcasing their discoveries, global business leaders sharing their insights, industry experts debating their opinions. Innovative news and views from around the world.

The evokeAG. Network is collaborative thinking to change the future occurring in real time, building momentum for evokeAG. 2022 in Perth.


“Being a grower, for me, it was about investing in technology to solve my own supply-chain problems. What I soon realised that to be able to scale that in New Zealand, wasn’t going to happen… things in isolation are not necessarily very scalable business models, but if you can get into a bigger market, you can prove technology works and bring that solution back home… you’re never going to be large unless you’ve got a global mindset.”

Steve Saunders, RoboticsPlus





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